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Making Big Change Happen

What’s driving your desire for big change?

Whether you are transforming your organisation or making a difference in the world, making big change happen can be exciting, energising and deeply fulfilling.

And it can be complex, demanding, frustrating.

It can bring people together.

And drive them apart.

The One Leadership Project provides the support and inspiration to enable you and your team to successfully make big change happen.

Consultancy + Support

Get a great deal more than simply clever and practical advice.

Writing + Wisdom

Discover powerful questions, provocative thoughts and inspiring stories.

Speaking + Workshops

Powerful ways to engage and energise everyone in the room.

OUT NOW – The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen


“Full of wisdom, humanity and practical ideas”

“This book gives page after page of wisdom on how to make big change happen in a holistic way.”

“Essential reading, and a resource to be dipped into and re-read over many years.”

“The simplicity of language and clarity of thinking reflects a beautifully crafted distillation of wisdom and experience.”

Find out more about this easily read, totally absorbing, and useful in seconds book, and the buzz it’s creating with leaders and teams who are making big change happen.

Susan Allen

“Driving big change is exciting, but difficult. This book acknowledges that and provides some practical help and support – a quiet voice of reason which will be useful for leaders and their teams alike.

I loved reading it. But note: I found I wanted to stop and think about each section – so it might be deceptive if you think it will be a quick read!”

Susan Allen – Chief Transformation Officer, Santander UK

Geoff Fallon

“I don’t think that the merger would have happened in such a constructive and fast-paced way unless we had been working with you guys.”

Nicola Peachey – Director of HR & Organisational Development, Arthritis Research UK

Geoff Fallon

“As a business, it’s kind of life-changing…People are working together, thinking together, thinking about each other and other people and how things affect other people.”

Geoff Fallon – Partner and LLP Member, Vail Williams