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The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen continues to make waves. “I find myself going to the book as a matter of course now,” Carole Nicholson, Chairman Sussex Wildlife Trust, recently shared with us.¬†Brighten your day with this 30 second extract from The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen.

Little by Little

When walking in mountains it can be very reassuring to know you are on the right path by following the cairns – small piles of stones, often just a couple of feet high though some get much bigger, often guiding to peaks, or highlighting intersections of paths, or showing the way where the path is not obvious.

They are created by fellow travellers, not by any great effort, but by many people over time simply picking up a stone or pebble as they pass and adding it to the pile. And so pebble by pebble, stone by stone, the pile grows; providing guidance and comfort for others.

What ‘cairns’ have guided you in your life, work and leadership? What pebbles are you adding to which piles to help show others the way on the paths you are pioneering? What can you and colleagues grow, pebble by pebble, by adding something each time you pass by?

We tend to over-estimate what we can do in a short period of time, and under-estimate what we can do over a long period of time.

Little by little, doing something every day, much can accumulate.

Taken from ‘The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen’, a collection of thoughts, perspectives and wisdoms we’ve gained from and share with people who are making big change happen. Available as paperback and ebook from Amazon (click here if you are in the UK) and other online retailers.

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