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Making Big Change Happen • About us

Alister Scott
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Alister Scott

Alister’s career has centred around the theme of big change. For more than ten years he has supported teams and individuals who are making big change happen, both within organisations and as a consultant, mentor, facilitator and coach.

Earlier in his career, Alister gained experience and training in communicating complex knowledge, leading change often through coaching and team facilitation, dealing with the press and high-level decision-makers in business, government and Parliament – and helping hundreds of others to do these things.

Alister was nominated for the Global Coaching Leadership award at the Global HR Director’s conference in Mumbai, February 2016.

He also brings deep personal experience of how to cope with grief, difficulty and stress as a result of his wife’s journey with cancer and tragic death in July 2016 at the age of 50.

Alister’s doctorate at the globally recognised SPRU at the University of Sussex Business School looked at how to ensure that experts make relevant and timely contributions to addressing the most complex challenges that organisations and wider society face.

Alister is a qualified Stakeholder Centred Coach and affiliate of Marshall Goldsmith.

Neil Scotton
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Neil Scotton

Starting as a chartered engineer building large cryogenic plant and high pressure systems, Neil Scotton went on to win awards for leading the human element of transformation. He stepped into becoming the catalyst for rapid growth in a consultancy enabling UK manufacturing organisations to embrace and implement World Class Performance.

As Director of Business Development and External Affairs for the Engineering Employer’s Federation he built the team and services that achieved record growth and built the foundations for the biggest transformation in the organisation’s history.

Since 2004 he has supported many hundreds of leaders and teams as they create change for good. As a mark of his work and thought-leadership as a coach, Neil is a go-to sounding board and thought partner for top coaches, leaders and communities in the global coaching profession itself. He is a past President of the International Coach Federation in the UK. He has received the world’s top coaching award for his ‘evolutionary leadership’ and ‘contribution to the global profession’.

Neil is a Chartered Engineer (IMechE), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts – FRSA, an NLP Master Practitioner and a Professional Certified Coach (ICF).

Why we do it

On the one hand –

Because the way the world is going isn’t working. The economic models are changing. Stress, anxiety and depression are epidemic. So is conflict. The environment is being exhausted. Too many leading organisations and individuals are not leading by example. The technology is game-changing.

On the other hand –

Because there is so much opportunity. The economic models are changing. People are wanting to work together on things that matter to them. They are wanting new ways to work together. ‘Doing the right thing’ and living your values attracts talent and customers, builds positive reputation and saves money. The technology is game-changing. People want to be engaged and creative. They want to discover and fulfil their potential which drives innovation and change. People are yearning for hope, vision, meaning, purpose, integrity, useful contribution, making a difference, fun, being challenged to do something extraordinary and discovering their potential, being remembered for doing the right thing, leaving things in a better place than they found them.

We work with those who see beyond themselves and stand for a present and future worth working for.

Why ‘One’ Leadership?

It’s called the One Leadership Project because if you are up to big change you will know you can’t do it by yourself. You will have to work together as one team, maybe one whole organisation or even collaboration, towards a shared endeavour worth striving for. And for those who recognise the way all things are connected, as part of one world. And importantly for integrity and authenticity, it’s also about being ‘one’ with oneself. That’s also why we work at team, organisation, collaboration and individual levels.

What we say ‘no’ to

There are some situations where it’s easier for all if we just say ‘no’ at the start. These include:

  • People who only want to talk about it
  • If we don’t fall in love with your venture and what you are trying to do
  • Environments where the truth and ‘tough stuff’ cannot be spoken
  • Leaders wanting us to take responsibility for what is theirs
  • Anything we are not prepared to defend in public
  • Organisations that do not believe in the value of investing in their people
  • People who are keen to fix others whilst not wishing to deal with ‘their stuff’
  • People who want to leap to quick answers without considering the bigger system, even if it is complex, uncertain and ambiguous

Take the next step

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