Catalysts getting it together

//Catalysts getting it together

Catalysts getting it together

Participants relax outside during a One Leadership Project event

Finding space to share, support, think and decide

In our mission to support people and organisations who are bringing positive change into the way they and we do things, we love bringing together catalysts.

Leading for something you care about and creating positive change – in organisations, in traditional business markets and in membership communities – is always challenging. It can be invigorating and exhausting. Mentally stimulating and unbelievably complex. It can bring people together and drive them apart.

So a safe-to-share and rich-to-experience environment is important – it allows people to meet, laugh, learn, explore and be real with each other.
We began building these events in July 2012.

Participants having real conversations

Real catalysts, real conversations

We have invited people heading up businesses, consumer support organisations, alternative energy companies, wildlife organisations, university research functions, thought leaders and more.

The feedback:

‘Extraordinary… Innovative… This format brings out the best in us as human beings… Able to step back and reflect… Space to think… Energising… It felt tender and supportive… Lovely venue… A much needed break… I feel enriched and more positive’.

If you would like to come to a future Catalyst Day please contact us. Please note the criteria: You must be leading something that brings positive change to an organisation or the wider world, you must have demonstrated generosity for supporting others, and you must be prepared to honestly share your human experience of leading for something you care about.

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