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Compassion catalysts

Given all the unsettling stories in the media about what’s happening in care homes, how can we ensure that all in care are treated with compassion?
This is the question that the inspiring folk at Frameworks4Change have been asking themselves, and leading for, for 8 years.

They are now training hundreds of care workers to be consistently compassionate to those in their care and to themselves (it’s often a challenging job).

At the One Leadership Project we are proud to be working in partnership with Frameworks4Change. We have provided personal leadership support for over a year, including at key moments such as when co-Founder Andy Bradley became one of “Britain’s 50 New Radicals”, as identified by The Observer and Nesta.

As Andy has written: “In all of the partnerships and discussions we are involved in now there is a catalyst a person within the organisation who is unsettled and has a vision for change”.

Together, we are developing a Compassionate Leader programme, specifically for these catalysts who are leading for compassion in care homes and organisations, local authorities and the NHS – carers, administrators, commissioners and those involved in safeguarding.

These catalysts for compassion face a range of personal challenges in shifting the systems in which they are involved – systems that can be deeply embedded, and that sometimes appear more concerned with box ticking and compliance than treating well the people in their care. The leadership programme will enable and inspire these people to continue leading for change without themselves burning out.

Be in touch if you’d like to get involved.

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