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Making Big Change Happen • Consulting + Support


Make it happen with confidence

We enable your team to untangle complexity, unlock innovation, bring people together, clarify strategy, provide structure, engage the key players, set priorities, strengthen self-belief, unleash passion, make the most of experience, discover the wisdoms, take action, challenge the unquestionable, overcome the scary, get through the difficult and embed the sustainable changes.

Deal with the good times and the tough times

Making big change happen brings people together. You come alive. You laugh, struggle and build together. It invites us to be our best and give our best. It’s a difference that feeds our soul and can make our hearts sing. Big change addresses our collective challenges and makes organisations more resilient, productive, sustainable and humane. We create a legacy we can be proud of.

Making big change happen is also complicated. Challenging. Risky. Frustrating. Exhausting. It can be overwhelming. It’s easy to fall out. And burn out. If you feel this, you are not alone. Most big change, unfortunately, fails. We don’t want that to happen to you and the positive change you are wanting to bring to life.

Much more than advice

We make available years of leadership and change experience, world-class coaching and facilitation skills and unique approaches and resources to work with your team as a whole, and key leaders, team members and agents of change individually. It’s about unlocking the best in them by bringing the best of ourselves.

All the parts working brilliantly together

5 element diagram


Our systemic 5+1 approach to making big change happen enables you to

  • strengthen purpose;
  • build teamwork;
  • deepen engagement;
  • lift culture
  • deliver results


  • go on the inner journey that making big change happen demands of you, as team and as individuals so that you can build useful habits, skills and perspectives, and let go of ones that no longer serve.

Proven process – unique for you

4 element diagram

From the outset our 3DE process (Discover, Design, Deliver, Evaluate) means you get a unique solution that understands your current situation and culture, that aligns with your vision, aspirations and budget, and that gives real and sustainable impact.

Not a flash in the pan

And we support you throughout, as a team and individually, through the twists and turns of the path to success, because big change is a journey, not an event.

As a combined approach, 3DE and 5+1 brings together the system, enabling your people to work brilliantly together, successfully engage, inspire and enable everyone involved in and affected by the big change, and deliver real and lasting impact.

Take the next step

To discuss how you can make big change possible, call us on +44 (0)208 123 0121 or send us a message.