Guardian interview

//Guardian interview

Guardian interview

Why is sustainability seen as a roller-coaster for business leaders?

This is the topic of Liz Hall’s article in Guardian Sustainable business. In the first article of two, Liz interviews a range of coaches including Neil and Alister from the One Leadership Project as a means of shining a light on the tricky challenges that face leaders who sincerely want to act responsibly.

Coaches spend time with leaders, helping them to think through their trickiest problems. And in our view, leaders who do not spend time on these big challenges are not providing leadership. It’s that simple.

And yet, they are human, and face the same fears as the rest of us – fear of failure, ridicule and isolation. Courage – and how to find and build it – is a big challenge.

That’s why we’re bringing together catalysts – people who are tackling the big challenges even when they don’t know how.

What do you think? What would help you? Are you a catalyst?

Call us on +44 (0) 0208 123 0121 if you’re interested to hear more.

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