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Making Big Change Happen • Speaking + Workshops

Kevin Bowring – Head of Elite Coaching, England Rugby

“…Had me thinking harder and deeper about myself, my motives, my values, and my leadership than I have for ages!

Alister and Neil led… with a quiet, strong presence, introducing powerful ideas in a congenial and interactive manner, always with a view to creating a rich learning environment for the coaches.

One of the most thought-provoking workshops I’ve ever been to. Excellent.”

Kevin Bowring – Head of Elite Coaching, England Rugby

Are you looking for something to inspire, engage and delight your people?

We provide keynotes, seminars and workshops for open audiences, in-house gatherings and team events. Original. Thought provoking. Entertaining.

We speak internationally to provoke, energise and unite people in making positive big change happen. We have a full kitbag of original thinking, stories, wisdoms and practical tools to share, together with innovative ways to engage people to connect the content with their opportunities and challenges, their fears and aspirations.

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“Workshops with Neil and Alister always deliver more than you expect – they provide space to think, reflect, share and learn and inevitably generate nuggets of simple truth that cut through all of the noise, stay with you and catalyse real change at both a personal and organisational level.”

Nicola Peachey – Director of HR & Organisational Development Arthritis Research UK

In Gothenburg the theme was ‘Making a Difference’. In Istanbul it was about ‘Being a Catalyst’. In Moscow it was ‘Getting together, we create our future’. In Portland Oregon it was global gathering of the International Coach Federation, co-designing and co-delivering a 2½-day learning journey for some of the most experienced coaches from around the world to ‘engage in provocative, generative discussions of how coaching and coaches can shape the future and ignite social change’.

For Women Leaders in RBS it was ‘Legacy Thinking’. For the RSA it was ‘Transformation – Everyone’s talking about it, but what do we really mean?’ For the Landscape Institute it was bringing together 15+ professional bodies and representative organisations to explore how the UK can tackle flooding arising from climate change. For the RFU it was ‘Beyond winning – what does it really mean to be an elite coach?’ For the Coaching at Work conference it was ‘The Gentle Catalyst’. For a recent gathering in London it was ‘The seven habits of Award Winning Organisations’, based on our original and long term research.

Kim Gregory – Co-Founder, Guildford Coaches Group

“Authenticity, compassion, strategic mindedness, quiet authority and challenge, combined with a genuine depth of knowledge… It all adds up to a reliably memorable human inter-action and connection that moves individuals and groups to a new and sustainable place of being.”

Kim Gregory – Co-Founder, Guildford Coaches Group

Deeply moving. Practical. Easy to work with. Inspiring.

We’ve guest lectured at various universities on topics such ‘Ethics, coaching and mentoring in a high performance environment’.

For many organisations, the event (sometimes a retreat) is specifically designed for their team and organisation’s unique work and situation.

The style is both light-hearted and profound, imaginative and practical, ancient and cutting edge and usually involves the audience exploring their own thoughts and experiences with others in the room to keep it real, relevant and highly engaging for them.

Deeply moving. Practical. Easy to work with. Inspiring. How can we add spice and sparkle to your event?

Natalia Dolina - General Director, European Coaching Centre, Moscow

“I just received first feedback from our group. It really gave transformation to them all.”

Natalia Dolina – General Director, European Coaching Centre, Moscow

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