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Making Big Change Happen • Real stories

Stuart Dawson

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“Helps us steer our way through complex challenges and difficult conversations.”

Stuart Dawson – Director of Shared Services, Vail Williams LLP

“The One Leadership Project is supporting our cultural change programme, working closely with the Exec team and the project team, as we become an employer of choice and a great place to work delivering excellent and innovative services to new and loyal clients.

Their approach helps us to bond closely, get everyone energised around the work we are doing and impact we are making, and enabling us to energise the whole business.

Their style helps us appreciate each other and our strengths, talk about what we need to talk about, get clear on where we want to get to and how, and feel confident enough to take on big challenges ourselves.

The insights, models and experience in ‘making big change happen’ help us find clarity when we are in danger of getting lost.

Their personal touch enables us to rediscover motivation when we tire, and get ourselves together when we may feel like taking actions in different directions.

The facilitation helps us steer our way through complex challenges and difficult conversations. Their experience keeps us focused on what is important to the success of the work.

Their full grasp of the factors required to make change successful and to stick equip us with the skills to navigate the business and support the people in it to achieve.

They are able to bring out the best in people and inspire them to achieve more.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to people who want to do something big together, and to people wanting a conversation that can clear the thinking and lift the spirits.”

Tony Whitbread

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“The effect for myself as CEO and the SMT has been immediate.”

Dr Tony Whitbread – CEO, Sussex Wildlife Trust

“Our environment faces many challenges. These are mirrored by leadership challenges in organisations looking to make a difference, with highly motivated and dedicated staff, but having to deal with inevitable consequences developing and delivering the inspiring vision with limited resources and handling the complexity and pressures of work.

Working with The One Leadership Project as individuals, as a leadership team, and together with Committee Chairs and Trustees, we find ways through the problems and unlock the higher ambition and getting more done with the same or less.

The personal and team support insight and tools make a real difference. I really value the conversations.

The effect for myself as CEO and the SMT has been immediate. Our Chairman highly values the support.

This work is even more important as we re-visit and revitalise our sense of shared endeavour to make real our vision and strategy for the Sussex environment.”

phil mulligan

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“Every time, they have created some magic.”

Phil Mulligan – CEO, the Landscape Institute

“The work we do makes a real difference to people and to society… We need to modernise, be attractive, develop; and that can be difficult. We have to keep a whole range of different opinions, perspectives and interest happy within one organisation.

Where One Leadership I think are at their greatest is where we have a large group of people who disagree or don’t have a shared vision; One Leadership are able to get progress and movement.

My experience of working with them is every time, they have created some magic… Every time we have exceeded the results that we could possibly have hoped for. There has been a real sense of purpose and achievement. It’s meant I’ve been able to progress on agendas that are vital.

They’re called One Leadership and they help us create one team to address our challenges.”

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