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Spicing up a lunchtime…and beyond

Futerra logoIt’s always a joy to work with people who are really out there, boldly making change and transformation happen. One such organisation is Futerra, a London-based communications and branding business that works with household name organisations you’re sure to recognise.

And yet their trade is not simply ‘sell more’ marketing. Sustainability is well and truly at their heart. Helping organisations to become more sustainable with top level thinking, and helping them to help their customers change their habits and behaviours to ones that are themselves more sustainable. It is challenging work. They are achieving success with aplomb.

As part of their journey to become a ‘sizzling agency of change’, Futerra called us in to meet their people over a ‘lunch and learn’. The brief; 40 minutes sharing what we know, 20 minutes Q and A, over a pizza lunch. Pizza we’re OK with, but chalk and talk is not our style. So we led a session of them exploring ‘think beyond’, ‘act as one’ and ‘enable the catalysts’ for themselves, whilst we shared habits around how they can speak and hear each other that transforms the closeness, trust and productivity of relationships.

How did it go? With 15 people exuding energy, creative skill, experience and passion in a small space it was always going to warm up. “Inspiring, unleashing, quiet storm, listened to, appreciated, energising, catalytic, heart-pounding, sizzling, long-overdue” were some of the words shared by the people there.

If engaging hearts and minds, spicing up the thinking, and further unlocking the transformational potential of your people and organisation is of interest, read the words of Stuart Duncan, one of the inspiring Futerra team, in their blog post ‘One “heartpounding” hour’.  See also the Guardian blog by Ed Gillespie, co-Founder of, and inspirational force at Futerra. And, of course, if you like what you read, drop us a line/give us a call.

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