The coaching profession and the big challenges

//The coaching profession and the big challenges

The coaching profession and the big challenges

What’s the role of coaching and mentoring in addressing the biggest challenges of the 21st Century?

It was summer in Madrid. And the 2011 International Coach Federation European conference was discussing the economic, social and environmental crises facing us. Things clearly need to change, and quickly. One question shared by many delegates as they left was; “OK, I get it. But what can I do?”. This challenge has been raised in similar conferences by a range of coaching organisations worldwide.

So we got together with Liz Hall, Editor of Coaching at Work magazine. The magazine is a powerful, unbiased voice in the profession with international reach. The One Leadership Project has now researched and written a series of articles exploring what can coaching and mentoring professionals and the profession do to support the people who are ‘actively making good things happen in the world’.

The first article speaks with the people who are up to good things. The second shares the perspectives of coaches and mentors working with these people, and the third explores the role the professional bodies see themselves as having. These articles have had a clarifying, energising and transformative effect on the conversations within and between the bodies, and can already be seen to be rippling out into the coaching community through the leader’s messages and organisational initiatives.

Article 1 – What can we do? – The voices of people making good things happen (677 Kb)

Article 2 – What can we do? – The voices of coaches and mentors (394 Kb)

Article 3 – What can we do?  – The voices of the coaching and mentoring professional bodies  (1.1 Mb)

Visit Coaching at Work magazine’s website.

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