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Kerry Geldart, Acting CEO for the Society for the Environment, sharing Gentle Catalyst experiences at the Coaching at Work conference 2012

Is there an alternative to hard, heroic, muscular styles of leadership in these challenging times? How can leaders respond to stressful behaviours and demanding situations in ways that are transformational and non-confrontational?

These were the questions Neil and Alister explored at the sell-out Coaching and Mentoring at Work Enabling and Embracing Change Conference in London on July 11th 2012.

Using the One Leadership approach of creating a rich learning environment, engaging conversations and habits that enable people to think mindfully and systemically, and focusing on the essence and experience of being gently catalytic, it created the familiar result of people quickly building trusting, generative relationships and feeling great.

Liz Hall, editor of Coaching at Work, organiser of the conference and chair for this session, said:

“There was great energy in the room… It was inspiring and uplifting.”

A key part of the hour was the real-life leadership and management experiences of Kerry Geldart, who gave case-study examples from her work as Acting CEO with the Society for the Environment. Neil and Alister also shared the habits they have witnessed people who are being powerfully yet gently catalytic in their workplace and through their lives.

Together with facilitated lively conversation, participants experienced how gentle, catalytic leadership offers a calmer, more engaging way to navigate the realities of complex challenges.


Audience getting involved and exploring being a Gentle Catalyst

The session landed powerfully with people, one participant said in an open-mic period:

“I used to think I was the only person that thought like this. Now I feel like this is the start of a movement.”

“Wow” said Liz, as she took the mic to close the session. Another attendee wrote to us a few days later

“I REALLY enjoyed your session. I found it very powerful and have already used it in my coaching”.

If you would like our 3-page thought piece on the habits of the gentle catalyst, please be in touch.

Details on our open course for being gently catalytic are coming soon. If you are interested please go to our Contact us page and drop us a note so we can send you the latest news.

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