Using Less, Living Better

//Using Less, Living Better

Using Less, Living Better

Discussion groupThis was the imaginative title of the first event of the West Sussex Environment and Climate Change Board (WSECCB) on the 1st October 2013. Led by the business community and local authorities it highlights two great benefits of transforming how we do things. After all, what could ‘Using Less’ do for your organisation? What could ‘Living Better’ mean for you and those you work with and serve?

Award nominated Sandra Norval, Sustainability Manager for Southern Railways and Business to Business Group for the WSECCB, invited us to lead sessions. She had seen us in action at the Sussex Sustainability Forum; safe and inspiring hands were what she was looking for. A key event like this comes alive when people are engaged, their desire for change ignited, and their heads and hearts inspired. Just the sort of thing we love to do.

So I (Neil) led out with ‘Leading the Big Shift”. Using our proven technologies for enabling people to connect quickly and deeply, the people explored what they, as leaders, are leading for. And with that in mind we shared lessons from catalytic organisations and leaders, so they could power up the impact they wish to see in their organisation and the world. “Inspiring. Open. Friendly. Engaging” was the feeling of Tim Walsh, a tax specialist. “Thought provoking. Open and honest. Very useful techniques. “ said delegates from GlaxoSmithKline.

Alister chaired the large panel session, then dived into his session on “Healthy, resilient, sustainable – what can business learn from nature?” This builds on the thinking with our partnership with Giles Hutchins, author of ‘The Nature of Business’. Seeing how nature works with cycles, creates networks, builds partnerships, utilises diversity and so much more gave delegates much to think about in improving their businesses. And fascinating to hear the words delegates used in summarising their experience of the session; “Thought-provoking”, “Inspiring”, “Emergent” and “Positive”. It’s interesting how consistent the responses are. It was an excellent day, with great sessions exploring local initiatives in food production, built environment and carbon reduction.

We wish WSECCB every success as they build on their day and the flourishing collaborations and partnerships they are fostering.

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