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Creating an ERA Culture

When you and your team are leading big change, there are inevitably going to be complexity, ambiguity and stresses. And in all organisations, it is standard for people to face a constant stream of performance reviews, critiques, 360s and more. Unfortunately these can...

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The 7 Habits of Award-Winning Organisations

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some businesses, organisations and ventures so exceptional? We have. So over a number of years we’ve been researching the stories of the award winners; from those recognised as great places to work, to those making a big...

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A Useful Thought

The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen continues to make waves. "I find myself going to the book as a matter of course now," Carole Nicholson, Chairman Sussex Wildlife Trust, recently shared with us. Brighten your day with this 30 second extract from The Little...

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Using tried and tested techniques, The One Leadership Project enable your team to untangle complexity unlock innovation bring people together clarify strategy provide structure engage the key players set priorities strengthen self-belief unleash passion make the most of experience discover the wisdoms take action challenge the unquestionable overcome the scary get through the difficult embed the sustainable changes.

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We provide the support and inspiration that enables you and your team to successfully make big change happen.

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Feeling the Uncomfortable

Feeling the Uncomfortable

I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot that’s making me feel uncomfortable at the moment. Some of that is what is happening in the world; growing forces that seem intent on bringing people into conflict, weird weather, a teenage girl called Greta naming simple...

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