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Finding the Good Will

So the intent was to write a message of seasonal good cheer. But the news of recent days is making that a bit tough: violence, abuse, intolerance, professional misconduct, breaches of trust. A lot of hurt, anger and fear. Ho Ho Ho? The strange synchronicity is that we...

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Staying connected

How do I "stay connected"? People who are leading big change often tell us that they find it hard to "stay connected" - to the end result, the inspiring purpose - the energy source, if you like. For example, senior leaders at Macmillan Cancer Support have told us how...

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Getting good from bad

Neil writes: Some pithy words popped into my head a few years ago, and have made people up to good things smile on many occasions since: “It can be a fine line between Cr@p and fertiliser.” Often it’s just a matter of time to let things mulch down a bit. A testing...

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Calm ways through the storms

Much of the work we do supporting organisations up to big change involves working with boards, SMT’s and project teams. There are passions. And there are pressures. And inevitably there are different ways of looking at problems, and different suggestions for getting...

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Strategy for leading big change

It is always a real pleasure for us at One Leadership to discover an organisation that is leading big change in the world, and even more of a joy to be asked to help. And so it was with Publish What You Fund, an organisation that was established only six years ago but...

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Take a moment in nature…

At One Leadership we often hear of the benefits that spending time in nature has for people who are dealing with complicated things: providing inspiration and relaxation; a space to think, perhaps to blow off steam or maybe be still, seeing the passing seasons turn,...

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What is it time to let go of?

This question has come up so often in conversation and proven so useful and generative for people dealing with multiple projects and complicated issues in recent months that we thought it’s time to share it. We are always changing, shaped by our experiences,...

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Time for a bit of Marmite?

“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston S. Churchill It is almost self-defining that people who want to make good things happen are, in smaller or greater part, the sort of people for whom upsetting others can...

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True Transformation

Some years ago we heard of a French explorer who said “There are two types of explorer. Those who really want an adventure. And those who secretly don’t.” For people who are being catalytic, these words seem to hold a certain magic about embracing vulnerability,...

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Humility and Compassion

At the time of writing flood levels are rising along the Thames, large areas of Somerset are under water and the South West of England has all its rail services cut off by flooding, subsidence and storm damage. Of course, this is not purely a problem local to the UK....

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Feeling the Uncomfortable

Feeling the Uncomfortable

I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot that’s making me feel uncomfortable at the moment. Some of that is what is happening in the world; growing forces that seem intent on bringing people into conflict, weird weather, a teenage girl called Greta naming simple...

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